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Injector Cleanup

Injector Cleaning Service

Injector Cleaning Service

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Thank you for choosing to service your injectors. Upon successful cleaning and service of injectors, a report will be emailed to the you. After the report has been sent expect the injectors to be return shipped in 24 hours.

Injectors that are received with their invoice will be inventoried and cleaned in the order in which they are received. Injectors received without an invoice in the shipping container will be placed on hold till the invoice and injectors can be correlated. Please include your invoice in the shipping container for fastest processing!

When packaging your injectors for cleaning, please ensure that they are not coated in any flammable or hazardous materials before shipping as applicable to shippers regulations and U.S. laws. Also take care to ship injectors with padding for protection. Injectors shipped without protection will be inventoried as such. Before entering the cleaning process injectors will be OHM tested to see if they are serviceable, any injector failing this test will be marked as unservicable and will be returned to sender as is and not processed in the following phases. It is suggested that the customer reach out to the original manufacturer for servicing. Upon passing the OHM test the following procedure will be performed. (All tests will be performed using Ultra-Flow Flow 24 calibration fluid.)

  • Ultrasonic static and dynamic cleaning using Injector Rehab cleaning solution
  • Leak test @ 75psi of pressure
  • Acceleration simulation tests x3 simulating
  • High flow test at 43.5 psi x2
  • Medium flow test at 43.5psi x2
  • All o-rings replaced before final packaging
  • New caps provided if missing or damaged
  • Each injector individually packaged and labelled

Once testing has completed a customized report highlighting flow characteristics along with report graphs will be emailed to the customer. All items will be shipped in their original packaging unless damage has occured to the container. Sample report can be found here.

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